Can I pay my bill online? Yes! We use PayPal, a secure network to process your payments. Just click HERE and enter your information to pay your bill.

My windows were just defogged/washed but they are still foggy, is this normal? Yes. It can take anywhere from 3-12 weeks for the windows to dry out. The windows may have fog, moisture and/or condensation during this time. If the problem still exists after the 12 weeks please notify us.

How does the 20 year warranty work? If you are unhappy with how your window(s) look after allowing 12 weeks for the windows to adequately normalize and dry out, Window Medics of Alaska may rewash the window(s) or apply 100% of the Window Defog treatment cost towards the cost of Glass Replacement* or New Vinyl Window* you would just be responsible for the difference. Please contact us for further information regarding warranty questions.

Are your products eco-friendly? Yes. The products we use to defog the windows are eco-friendly and safe, but like any product we suggest you wash the area where the defog solution contacted your skin with soap and water thoroughly.

Do you re-gas and seal the windows back up? No. We do not refill your windows with argon and reseal them. Our process is quite different. Please see the “Restore” tab on this website.

Only 1 pane of glass is broken, can you replace just the broken one? No. Since we have a 10 year warranty on our glass replacements, we want the best life for your windows and as such, we require that both panes be replaced as a unit and not single panes.

Can we just drop off the window to you to defog or replace the glass? Not at this time. In order for us to be as mobile as possible, our equipment goes out of the shop daily. It’s actually faster for us to come to you.

Do you offer service outside of Anchorage? Yes! We service Wasilla, Palmer, and Girdwood to name a few, however we do have limited and specific days we schedule appointments in these areas. We do also go to Kenai, Soldotna, Seward and Homer but only a few times a year. Please contact us for more information and prices.

Can all windows be restored with your process? Unfortunately no. Tempered glass like in patio and french doors or other safety glass can not be drilled into. Tempered safety glass will shatter when you try to drill into it. We have to inspect all windows to make sure they are good candidates for the Window Defogging process. Please see the “Restore” tab on this website for more information.

How can I tell if my window/door is tempered? All tempered windows and doors will have a stamp in one of the corners of the glass stating it is “Tempered Safety Glass” or will have safety film with a stamp or label notating it’s safety rating.

My house inspection said I need Safety film for my window, do you install that? At this time, all of our window films and tints are done by our sister company Climate Control. Just call 907-279-7080 or visit their website  http://climatecontrolalaska.com/for more information.

Do you repair the hardware and cranks on windows? At this time Window Medics of Alaska does not repair or replace broken window hardware such as locks, cranks, pulls or springs unless it is falls under our warranty from a new window installation. We can suggest you look online or call a handyman for your hardware needs.

Do you repair window screens? No. Due to the custom sizes of screens, we suggest you call your local screen or window supplier for repair or replacement.

Do you also wash windows? No. We do not offer window washing as one of our services. Of course if we are installing a new window or glass replacement it will be left spotless & cleaned as part of a normal installation.

My micro filter fell out, how do I get a replacement? Simply call or email Window Medics of Alaska and we will schedule a time to replace the filter.

How much do the micro filers cost? If you only need a few filters, we will replace them at no charge if you’re in Anchorage, Palmer or Wasilla. If you live out of town we can mail them or arrange to install them next time we’re in the area.

Do you offer after hour emergency replacements, same day service or work on weekends? Currently we do not offer emergency call outs, same day service or work on weekends. We can however put your name on our cancellation list if an appointment becomes available sooner. All our work is performed during normal business hours which are; Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm excluding holidays.**

For questions not listed, please feel free to contact us via phone or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

*Please contact us for a copy of Window Medics of Alaska’s warranty.

**This includes most major and state holidays

20 Year Warranty on Window Defog Treatment10 Year Warranty on Glass Replacement