Windows that have been allowed to hold moisture for extended periods of time may cause the build up of water and chemical minerals that cannot be removed with our Defog process.

It is critical to call Window Medics at the very first signs of moisture in a thermal pane unit. Prolonged exposure to moisture on the surface of the glass can also oxidize the “Low-E” coating on the interior surface of the unit, and severely inhibit the chance for the unit to be preserved through our trademark Defog process. If you have ANY signs of moisture in your windows call BEFORE permanent damage is done and replacement is the only option.

In the case of permanent damage through moisture saturation, Window Medics has a crew of skilled glass replacement specialists that can remove the thermal unit from its existing framing and replace it with a new one, saving you hundreds of dollars in replacement window costs.

If your interest lies in full window replacement, we use the finest quality vinyl windows specially made right here in Alaska for our cold climate conditions. We are happy to assess and recommend a variety of treatments throughout your home to mitigate cost, and maximize energy savings.

Whether its Defog, Repair, Thermal unit replacement, or full window replacement, the glass experts at Window Medics of Alaska have all your window energy needs covered.

Please feel free to call today and schedule your free consolation and estimate. Or contact us right here on our website with your questions.

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