The Truth Behind Window Fogging!

Why replace your windows when you can restore them? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save up to 70% of the cost of window replacement! If you have ANY signs of moisture in your windows call BEFORE permanent damaged is done and replacement it the only option. How do you know if the windows can be restored? Schedule a free inspection and estimate from one of our window experts today!

What causes windows to fog and collect moisture between the window panes?

When sunshine hits a double/triple pane window, the air heats up significantly. (Think of how hot a car gets on a sunny, hot day!) This process is called “Solar Pumping”. The air heats up causing the sealed window unit to expand and push air out through the seal, which are standard semi-permeable seals from the manufacturers.

When it’s night, the opposite occurs. The air is cooled causing the windows to contract and drawing the air back through the semi-permeable seal along with humidity that’s in the air. Continually expanding and contracting stresses the seals and moisture will slowly start to fill the space between the window panes, forcing out the air and or argon, causing fog, condensation and moisture in the windows.

This is where Window Medics of Alaska uses its uniquely advanced technology to restore windows.


Do all windows lose their seal or just old ones?

1 and 3 are views of regular insulated glass spacers.  2 and 4 are views of intercept spacers.

Manufacturers expect and plan for solar pumping and that’s why most window brands have little, if any warranty to combat this. All window units have a spacer between the panes. These are hollow and get filled with silica desiccant to absorb small amounts of moisture that inevitably gets drawn into the windows. This desiccant, however, has a limited capacity and lifespan. An intercept spacer is the desiccant mixed into the sealant that forms the seal of the window.

At some point the desiccant will absorb all the moisture it can hold and can cause windows to become cloudy or foggy. If the windows are left untreated the trapped moisture can quickly corrode the spacer. Windows that hold moisture for extended periods of time can cause mineral deposits, rust, mold or haze.

The first sign of seal failure is fog, condensation or moisture between the window panes. During this period, the window can still be restored. The process involves drilling small holes in the windows (usually on the exterior). Next Window Medics of Alaska technicians will use our exclusive, patented and eco-friendly cleaning solution mixed with a drying agent to clean and drain the windows. Finally, a small micro-filter is securely placed into the drilled holes allowing the windows to expel the remaining moisture within the window panes.* Since the window is now equalized with the outside air, solar pumping is no longer an issue.

*Windows can take 3-12 weeks to dry out and may still have fog and moisture during this time.

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