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No window is ever hermetically sealed. In fact, if it was, it would explode! On average, over 75% of failed windows do not have a seal failure but are fully saturated from years of solar pumping.

Solar Pumping naturally occurs during the change from day to night. Sunlight heats the inner airspace of the thermal window cavity during the day and causes the window to pressurize. In the evening, as the temperature drops, the window cools and creates a low pressure area causing small amounts of air to be drawn back into the inner window cavity. The air being drawn back into the window naturally holds moisture, and this moisture is absorbed by the windows’ desiccant material. Solar pumping activity over a period of time saturates the Silica desiccant material in the thermal window cavity.

Fog, condensation, or moisture on your windows is a visible sign that the seal on your window has reached its threshold. This increase in moisture and condensation can ultimately cause damage to your windows. Luckily, this is a repairable and preventable condition. At Window Medics, we can repair your windows and return them to their maximum energy efficient capabilities. We use the latest tools and technology to guarantee a satisfactory result.

We will remove the visible moisture that has accumulated in your windows. Our uniquely advanced technology allows us to get rid of the moisture and keep it out! By restoring your windows to their original condition, we will bring added value and beauty to your home. Restoring foggy windows can be done quickly, efficiently and can save you up to 70% over window replacement costs.

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